Leon Wenzel is a classical pianist and currently based in Brussels.

For him being a solo artist and musician in the classic genre signifies the adventure of sharing music from the last centuries with an audience of today and experiencing it together. His concert programs feature works, which enflame our amazement and offer a new experience of ourselves - no matter whether they date from the mid 1650ties or have been composed only last month. To convey those various musical works to the audience Leon Wenzel regards introducing words as a crucial tool with a double promise: for the newcomer it might provide some support for the first journey into unknown areas, whereas the experienced listener might get fresh impulses to contemplate well- known works in new ways.

With the intention of creating a joint musical experience in concert, Leon Wenzel appears on stage in a variety of ways: as a soloist in a piano recital or with an orchestra, as a chamber musician and song accompanist. He develops multifaceted concert formats in collaboration with actors and authors and as the moderator of his own concerts he creates a personal connection between the work and the audience.

Leon Wenzel studies in Brussels as part of a Master's programme at the Conservatoire Royale with Prof. Gabriel Teclu.